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Russ Ruffino Reviews Facebook July 15

This client in the personal development field has accumulated $261,000 since she started working with Clients on Demand and Russ Ruffino. Definitely, show anyone this review who has doubted the power of high-ticket sale! Always happy to change someone’s life.


Russ Ruffino Reviews July 13

“Get your webinar up and running and let the magic happen.”

The power of the product and webinar. In just 45 days, our client made 713k in sales. This experience in events and webinar design helped him succeed, and this is all with Russ Ruffino and Clients on Demand free content! Close to a million dollars in two months with what’s already available, so just imagine what he’ll do when he’s a real customer. This client found us through and was inspired to develop his approach from those tips. Happy to keep you always learning & EARNING.

Russ Ruffino Reviews July 12

“I feel so happy and blessed to have had an opportunity to work with such an amazing, inspirational, motivational and creative team. I can’t wait to share my progress over the next few months as my webinar blows up and I get to do what I love, brand more people beautifully.”

Here, this client’s income multiplied 4x. They were able to hire a team member, and paid off a credit card.  Imagine how free and unburdened she must feel and what can you can accomplish when you enroll more clients and charge what you’re worth!

Russ Ruffino was happy to provide a great opportunity for growth to contribute to the success of all clients.