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Russ Ruffino Laura Review Clients on Demand Testimonial

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Russ Ruffino’s clients are passionate, dedicated, intuitive, and tough. They have been awesome enough to share their experience Russ and Clients on Demand to illuminate the training and sales process. Tina was a health coach who was frustrated upset. Where would she turn to if her career goals weren’t reached? Everything changed when she finally called Russ Ruffino. She […]

Facebook Stories

  As Russ Ruffino recently highlighted on in “How This Entrepreneur Made $100,000 With Facebook in Six Months” Facebook is a powerful way to connect. Perhaps you use Facebook yourself. Recent stats point to 1.59 billion users who check in monthly around the world, with 1.04 billion mobile users every day! You can maximizing Facebook’s potential to connect, promote, […]

Clients on Demand | Success Stories

Whether you work in real estate investing or a professional business coach, get where you want to be with Russ Ruffino & Clients on Demand.

Kyle & Russ Ruffino

Russ Ruffino went from bartender to internet marketing expert in less than a year. By gearing all his energy toward the best ways to steer traffic and bring in affiliates, he earned $250,000 in just 5 months! Russ learned to revitalize his services, strategizing with incoming clients who really needed his help instead of just sharing general information with them. He rebelled […]

New Approaches for Tina, Dave and Jason

Tina’s Story The day Tina first talked to Russ she was so excited that she almost felt sick. As a health coach, she wasn’t sure if her dreams could ever be realized. Through Russ Ruffino’s guidance, she has gone out of her comfort zone and worked hard to get where she wants to go. She […]

Quora Questions

Russ Ruffino just started using Quora last year. It’s been a great way to connect with an active community of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Users come from a wide variety of backgrounds and use the forum as an outlet to ask intelligent questions. See Russ Ruffino’s Quora. Russ recently replied to a big question: What’s the best way […]

Getting to Know People

A lot of people tell me “Russ…getting high-end clients will take FOREVER because I’m not established,” I hear this all the time. They think that people don’t have a relationship with them or that they don’t know who they are, they won’t get able to get high-paying clients. But I want people to know that yes, […]

Responses to “The Marketing Myth That Is Killing this Generation”

For some of you that may not be on Facebook, Russ have recieved some great comments on his article “The Marketing Myth That Is Killing this Generation.” The “Problem First Approach” is definitely gaining traction.  As Kevin’s comment points out, reducing the time spent on content creation allows for clarity in your business’ purpose and vision.  “I […]

Real Clients with Real Results on Facebook

Clients on Demand has seen some great reviews since it’s inception.  Below are a few Russ came across via Facebook.   A member of Clients On Demand had their first $100,000 month just four months after joining! This client had great early success in closing their first $9,000 deal.


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