In your business I want you to stop thinking of yourself as just another coach, just another attorney, just another graphic designer. I want you to look at your work and ask yourself; what is the coolest, most amazing outcome that I can provide for people? Take some time and think about it. You don’t have to answer it right now. Then once you have an idea, you need to ask yourself this; what is that worth? Right now, just for fun, let us write down a price. Something between $3,000 and $10,000, don’t think about it, just write down a number. Now listen in to one of the great stories about one our clients.

Corona Russ Ruffino Yoga Teacher

Meet Corona. She is one of my all time favorite clients and she’s a wonderful human being. When Corona came to Clients on Demand, she was charging what most yoga teachers charge. Like $500, $600 a month, tops.

When she came to us she had about 10 clients. She was making about $5,000, $6,000 a month. That’s what Kundalini yoga teachers earn on a good month.

When Corona came to work with us, I didn’t see her as just another yoga expert. I saw her as someone who creates outcomes. We looked at her work, and we looked at the outcomes that she creates for women.

More energy. Great flexibility. Amazing health. What happens when you don’t have those things? You can’t work. You’re tired. You’re not focused. Your husband is unhappy. Your kids are unhappy. You;re unhappy. You are burnt out.

This is a serious, serious problem.

The more we shifted her focus to realize and appreciate the value of the outcomes she delivered, the more she started to see that what she did was a lot more valuable than”Kundalini yoga”. We worked together to create an 8 week program for successful women to get their energy back. Now what is that worth? We decided on a minimum of $5,000. She also created a one year mastermind, and she priced it at $25,000.

Last month Corona brought in $81,000 into her business, and her clients are thrilled to work with her. That high price, that premium price, it makes them more committed and it shows that she is the best. Because they’re buying an outcome, they understand that it’s worth every penny.


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