Almost every day, we have success stories posted in Russ Ruffino’s Facebook group, The Art of High Ticket Selling.

You’ve seen them. You know. You also might have seen people in this Group waiting to join Clients On Demand.
The thing is, you get to decide when you step into a new world. If you want to put off your good for another day, life gives you that choice.
But you also have the choice to claim your good NOW. Life gives you whatever you demand of it. Nothing held back. If you demand that a way will appear, then it will.
Russ Ruffino spent years dreaming and setting goals. Nothing happened until he jumped off that scary cliff. Finally making that big leap – it was terrifying, but for the first time in years, he felt ALIVE.
The world starts to pay attention when you jump right in.

Until then, dreams are just dreams. But when you take a bold step forward, forces you can’t understand spring to your aid. And then you start to feel alive…and then magic happens.
You just have to take that first bold step.


Let’s take a look at this guest post from Ras, who has really learned the best way to use the Clients on Demand product.

Here’s Ras’ message.


russ ruffino reviews Ras advice


Ever get ON a call knowing you couldn’t afford the program, but still hoping for a “breakthrough”?
Ever get OFF a call feeling like shit because the break-through felt more like a break-up?
The hardest thing to do is to learn how to sell high-ticket when you can barely pay a parking one.
In the sales world they call people like you tire kickers. In the pick up world they call you prude. And to a hardcore closer you are the worst kind of prospect.

That’s where all that icky energy comes from.
It’s why people who specialize in heart-centered, mindset related work shy away from “salesy” conversations.
If all you’re thinking about is what you need and all the ways you’re not getting it –
that’s exactly what’s happening on the other end of the call…
(Let that sink in)
What you’re offering goes deep.
So go there.
Go to your well of inspiration and fill every empty bucket in sight.
Instead of hopping on another call or reading another post like this – ask yourself right now, what can I give? who needs what I have? and how can I give it to them in a way that’s win/win?
As you shift your attention towards meeting the needs of others – no matter where they are in the “sales cycle” – your funnel will suddenly start to fill
to the point where you’ll actually be able to afford the systems you need to manage them.
In other words, stop looking for a breakthrough and BE the breakthrough you always wanted to receive!


Russ Ruffino wants all of his clients to feel as bold as Ras and empowered with every move they make in business and life.


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