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Russ Ruffino Live | Jayne Jewell

Three POWERFUL Tools For Overcoming Challenges: As a coach or consultant, challenges are inevitable. How you respond to those challenges is YOUR CHOICE and will MAKE or Break your business. Tune in to hear Jayne Jewell and Russ Ruffino talk about three POWERFUL tools for overcoming the top challenges coaches face every day.


Brands That Linger & Businesses With Staying Power

Building a brand that lingers on a client’s mind is an important part of developing a lasting company, but it isn’t the only important feature for creating a company that has staying power. With failure being a huge possibility for even the most promising of companies, it’s important that young businesses be reminded of what […]

Build a Dazzling Brand By Understanding Key Characteristics

Developing a unique, strategic identity as a brand helps to ignite success. Quality services, organizations, and products are vital, but ambitious and conscious branding efforts are the soul of a company. The skillful use of well-designed ideas can transform a brand story from concept to a charismatic reality, which may be attractive to patrons, buyers, and customers. […]