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ICYMI: Working with Russ Ruffino: Tina’s Story

Russ Ruffino is a business coach, entrepreneur and voice of Clients on Demand who believes in a high-reward approach to attracting the best clients for your business. He has advised many awesome clients to recharge their strategy in order to get the results they need. Tina is an aspiring health coach, She wasn’t so sure […]

Juliette’s Story

Check out what people are saying about Russ Ruffino on his Facebook page! “Experienced all this in the last 7 years. All written here is sooooo True. Never give up on all you love to offer to the world….road blocks are just LOVE sending you on the right direction!!!!! Success is mastery of giving your […]

Yoga Teacher Corona Client Testimonial

Corona’s Story

In your business I want you to stop thinking of yourself as just another coach, just another attorney, just another graphic designer. I want you to look at your work and ask yourself; what is the coolest, most amazing outcome that I can provide for people? Take some time and think about it. You don’t […]

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Do You Copy?

We had some great insight from one of our Facebook member on The Art of High Ticket Selling. He declared, LEARN HOW TO WRITE GREAT COPY! I really hope this helps someone struggling right now in their business. Are you trying to find a way to get through to your customers? Do you want to reach […]

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Leaping into Success

Almost every day, we have success stories posted in Russ Ruffino’s Facebook group, The Art of High Ticket Selling. You’ve seen them. You know. You also might have seen people in this Group waiting to join Clients On Demand. The thing is, you get to decide when you step into a new world. If you want […]

The Art of High Ticket Selling

Check out what people are saying about Russ Ruffino on the Facebook page, the Art of High Ticket Selling. This client in the personal development field has accumulated $261,000 since she started working with Clients on Demand and Russ Ruffino. Definitely, show anyone this review who has doubted the power of high-ticket sale! Always happy to change someone’s […]

Are You Ready to Lead?

When was the last time you felt completely recharged? You have the power to influence powerful changes in  your life, exclusively through determined change in attitude and outlook. You too, can become a leader. You can become an influencer. Are you ready? Erica did it. Hear her story as she begins her journey. This video […]

Russ Ruffino Laura Review Clients on Demand Testimonial

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Russ Ruffino’s clients are passionate, dedicated, intuitive, and tough. They have been awesome enough to share their experience Russ and Clients on Demand to illuminate the training and sales process. Tina was a health coach who was frustrated upset. Where would she turn to if her career goals weren’t reached? Everything changed when she finally called Russ Ruffino. She […]

Facebook Stories

  As Russ Ruffino recently highlighted on in “How This Entrepreneur Made $100,000 With Facebook in Six Months” Facebook is a powerful way to connect. Perhaps you use Facebook yourself. Recent stats point to 1.59 billion users who check in monthly around the world, with 1.04 billion mobile users every day! You can maximizing Facebook’s potential to connect, promote, […]

Clients on Demand | Success Stories

Whether you work in real estate investing or a professional business coach, get where you want to be with Russ Ruffino & Clients on Demand.

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