When was the last time you felt completely recharged? You have the power to influence powerful changes in  your life, exclusively through determined change in attitude and outlook. You too, can become a leader. You can become an influencer. Are you ready?

Erica did it. Hear her story as she begins her journey.

This video from Erica from Facebook, shows one person blossoming as she embarks on her personal journey. Erica is on her way to become a influential leader.  After just a few lessons from Russ and his associates, Erica crystallized her sense of freedom with a powerful energy to get work done efficiently. She is now less cluttered with her online life; being less reactive and more selective to media posts and attention allows her to be more authentic with her communication.

Erica emphasizes the importance of creating integrity holistically in your life. This allows you to transform into a true queen.

Be effective. Find a system and make a schedule that works best for you, says Erica.

Thank you for your inspiring story!

-Russ Ruffino